You might remember that I’m quite proud of the fact that I have already arranged air travel for Mrs MJonTravel’s (ahem) 29th birthday extravaganza this coming October. I was able to nab First Class on United on the nonstop from Dulles to Rome on the big day, getting us to Italy a few days before our 14 night cruise from Venice on what will then be the brand new Celebrity Reflection. Not long after booking opened, I booked the 777 nonstop.

Just a few days ago I was taking a routine look at my airline reservations and noted that there had been a schedule change on our flights to Rome. Upon a deeper look at the reservation, I found that the flight time had changed slightly, but the operating equipment had changed from a 777 to a 767-300. Still in First Class, seats 2A and 2C, across the aisle from each other. I think I prefer the 777, but having never flown on a United international 767-300, I can’t speak to whether the seats are better or worse. Do any readers have experience with United’s international 767-300’s? What do you think of the seats and the service?