As you know, Mrs MJonTravel and I are embarking on a 3 week European adventure late this month. The highlight of the trip will be a 14-night Mediterranean cruise aboard the beautiful new Celebrity Reflection. But another big feature of the trip is returning to the USA from Barcelona aboard Lufthansa in Business Class. I originally booked our return from Barcelona via Frankfurt into Washington. Of course, we now live in Atlanta, so I just added a tag end on UA to our award trip from Dulles. Since the time I booked the flight, there has been a schedule change, and we will now be flying Lufthansa via Munich, not Frankfurt. Returning on the Frankfurt – Atlanta nonstop is not an option on our day of travel either….or I would go for that.

Now… I know Lufthansa doesn’t release F cabin inventory outside of 2 weeks prior to departure. When we were returning via Frankfurt, I was absolutely committed to stalking Lufthansa’s inventory and trying to get us booked into First for our return. Now that we are returning via Munich….with no Frankfurt First Class terminal to ogle at…. I am less committed to the idea of trying to get us into First class. We were on a 747 for the T/A portion of the original flights…now we are on an A330. That said, I’m still tempted to try for First Class. I’ve never flown Lufthansa in First. I want to. But I also want to see the Frankfurt First Class terminal. Any other trip, I would just reschedule by a day and we could return via Frankfurt. This trip, I’m not able to do that. So… I debate.

I’d love to hear from readers who have experienced Lufthansa First Class. Should I spend the miles and try to get us in the First Class cabin even though I can’t connect in Frankfurt this visit…. or just not bother? What do you think?