Wow! Talk about a throwback post! The first time I flew First Class was through a complimentary upgrade on Delta in 2014! I wrote about the process on How I Scored a Free Lie Flat Upgrade yesterday. I was super ecstatic that my first time in domestic First Class would be on an internationally configured plane with lie flat seats!

Flight Details:

Delta Air Lines Flight 611
Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL)
Plane: Boeing 767-300
Seat: 8B

The Flight:

Previously, the seats were Business Elite for Delta. I had booked a seat in row 8, in the middle. All seats on this 767 have direct aisle access, and even today Delta still uses these seats in Delta ONE. The new seats just have a nicer stitching with more padding. I flew on the newer revised seats on my flight to Madrid in 2015, and they are essentially the same.

Welcome drinks were served before takeoff, and I was too young to get a Mai Tai (heck, I’m still too young!) I remember trying out and playing with the seat. Many people refer to this seat as the “coffin” seat as your foot essentially goes into a cubby. It’s a bit restrictive but still gets the job done. I remember how fun it was to lie fully flat! I didn’t take a nap though because there was just too much adrenaline in me.

The armrests are massive, and depending on which row you are on, it will be either to the left or the right of you. Odd numbered seats at the window have the armrests at the aisle so you’re more secluded and closer to the window. In the center, one of the seats will be “snug” and boxed in by two huge armrests so you’ll be further from the aisle (but one of those armrests is your seatmates!)


Breakfast was served on this flight as it departed at 8am. The fruits I remember were really good and the egg and potatoes were ok. It was a bit too cheesy for my taste but the worst part was the sausage as it was like rubber.

They brought a snack basket later in the flight and I remember taking a pack of Milano Cookies and some sea salt chips! The flight attendant even created a drink for me on this flight, as I think she felt bad I couldn’t get one of those fancy umbrellas with the Mai Tai.

She created this mix of Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice and Ginger Ale and eventually that branched into my favorite drink (minus the OJ). If any of you have been following my airline posts, I ALWAYS order cranberry juice with ginger ale, and so it originated from this flight!

The Verdict:

The Delta 767 was a cool and memorable first class experience, especially for the first time I flew First Class!


Do you remember the first time you flew First Class (or Business!)? Share below!