I was recently onboard an American Airlines flight from Miami to Raleigh/Durham. This flight is 700 miles on the dot, and blocked for 2 hours and 15 minutes making it eligible for a small snack during meal windows according to AA’s refreshed meal policies. I knew AA was changing things a bit on May 1, but had completely forgotten about it until the flight attendant came around offering either a hummus or fruit and cheese plate. Both looked tasty and just right to me, but I went with the fruit and cheese.

american airlines, first class, meal

Apologize for the poor lighting, but I didn’t have access to the window shade. The grapes, both white and red, were fresh and delicious. The cheese was tasty too, and included cheddar, swiss, and a third cheese that was tasty, but not expert enough to identify. Everything was very good, and just the right amount for a 10am flight I thought. Based on American’s meal page, I might have expected warm mixed nuts as well, but none were forthcoming. Not complaining, just observing, because I really liked the fruit and cheese plate.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 7.13.59 AM

American caught some heat in the last year with some of their premium cabin meal services. I thought some of it was deserved, and some was a bit over the top. In any event, it’s good to see some tastefully done tweaks to service in the premium cabin on American. I liked this offering a lot for the length of flight and time of day. I’m flying American’s new Atlanta – LAX nonstop services in just over a week. I’ll get full breakfast out and dinner returning, and I’ll be sure to report about the experience here. Have you noticed the catering changes when flying AA since May 1?

-MJ, May 5, 2015