First Class. The words themselves conjure up images of impeccable service, fine food and gorgeous gurgling drinks. A quiet place where conversations are a murmur, crew anticipate your needs before you do and acres of space.

Settling in to a beautifully designed international first class seat should be the start of a wonderful experience. It is an aspiration for some people to fly first class once – but what happens when they run out of something you want?

Laurent-Perrier Grand Siécle Vanishes!

One thing everyone seems to agree on regarding British Airways is that they serve a very decent Champagne. The quality and taste of the Laurent-Perrier Grand Siécle – commonly abbreviated to LPGS online – has reached mythical levels.

When I flew first class and tried it, I realised everyone was correct. It is truly delicious! Imagine my horror when I saw this thread on Flyertalk where there was just one bottle of LPGS for the entire cabin.

One Bottle. For the entire cabin!

First Class Cost Saving Gone Mad?

Airlines are a business and they need to make a profit. I get that. This is why airlines load the bars for the return leg of a trip at a home city to save on outstation catering costs.

However, we are talking about first class here. People pay an awful lot of money for it on international flights. Others save up a whole load of air miles for that once in a lifetime trip up front.

As I am not someone who can fly at the pointy end at the drop of a hat, it is a special experience for me when I do it. Not being able to have my choice would be a tremendous disappointment on a flight I would be looking forward to so much.

It is bad enough when they run out of your choice in business class. Having to have fresh fruit rather than the much more desirable bircher muesli on one flight is something I remember well. However you kind of expect it to happen sometimes in business. It would be a terrible surprise in first!

Overall Thoughts

Since the days of the great ocean liners, first class has been synonymous with the best. Words like flawless, perfect, superb, awe, comfort, space, tranquil and more spring to mind. “Sorry, we ran out!” or “The inbound crew raided the return bar so we have none left” is hardly what you would expect to hear. Airlines should ensure that their top offering is just that. Anything less is short changing customers.

I rather enjoy drinking as much Champagne as I might want when I am flying as I rarely get to do it at home. Having to worry about the supply or having to ration myself to a single glass would irritate me. While I may come across as a lush, Champagne is just the example here. It would be exactly the same if my desired choice of meal was unavailable. In first class it should be what you want when you want it with no supply issues due to cost cutting.

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Featured image via British Airways. Catering truck by Renata3 via Wikimedia Commons.