Airlines are in dire straits at the moment as virtually nobody is flying. When your flight is cancelled, some airlines are offering a cash refund, some a voucher refund and others both.

My forward bookings included flights with British Airways and Finnair, which of course are now cancelled. With BA, I applied for a cash refund and received the money back exactly two weeks later. With the Nordic airline, it’s another story.

Please Take The Voucher Refund

Notification of my flight cancellation arrived on 26 March and I applied for a cash refund the following day. At the time an e-mail arrived confirming my application and apologising for the processing time of up to one month.

Considering the amount of work they must have, I am quite happy to patiently wait for the cash. However, since then I have received two e-mails attempting to convince me to take a voucher instead, the first arriving April Fools Day.

The important note in that communication is that refunds are now delayed further to eight weeks. As an incentive, you get 10% extra back with the voucher and it arrives in half the time. Curious. Of course, I decided not to take it.

Just one week later on 7 April, I received another e-mail from Finnair. This time it was a bit more to the point and I have extra time to make a decision.

It seems to me that perhaps not many people took the original offer. Shorter, more to the point and with another date, I wonder if it will be more successful.

Overall Thoughts

I’m very curious about how many people are actually taking a voucher refund. Hopefully once all of this is over there will be some statistics on this.

Interestingly, the second message sent by Finnair doesn’t mention anything about cash refunds. People do tend to read things that are short and sweet so maybe leaving that out and staying focused on the main message will get a better result.

Are you team voucher or team cash refund? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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