Did you hear? Finnair is asking Helsinki passengers how much they weigh. Not only are they asking, but they are supplying the scale as well.

Just know this: You don’t have to do this if it offends you or you are simply not game for this particular exercise.

“No one is forced on the scale,” states¬†Paivyt Tallqvist, Finnair’s director for media relations. This travel pro explains that these weigh ins, part of a new airline program, are both totally anonymous and completely voluntary.

Also, if you decide to take part, know that you also need to have your carry-on luggage with you when you get on the special Finnair scale because that counts, too–at least for this particular regimen.

But why?

Because the whole deal is to determine the most accurate data when it comes to how heavy flight loads tend to be.

Finnair’s new program, now being tried out at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, will continue through next year and will include about 2000 volunteers and their baggage, whatever that may be. OK, pun intended.

Finnair Airbus A300 Helsinki-Vantaa Airport courtesy Udo Haafke/Wikipedia