Amex Platinum Jacks Up The Fee & Is Now The World’s Most Expensive Coupon Book – Miles to Memories

The Amex Platinum is now a hard pass for me unless I have an option for an additional, sizeable sign-up bonus. It has really become the world’s most expensive (and probably worst) coupon book.

Ravn Alaska plans international expansion, 757 acquisition, Anchorage hub –

File this in things I never thought I’d see. Ravn operating Boeing 757s and rebranding as Northern Pacific Airways?? Can’t wait to see if/how they pull this off.

Man Gets Caught Trying to Board an Emirates Flight to Dubai With a Fake Boarding Pass – Paddle Your Own Kanoo

Hands down I would have done a better job of this, at least until having to lie to the check-in staff. Amazing he made it as far as it did.

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