Whiplash – United Eliminates Change Fees, Then Doesn’t, Then…Does? – Miles to Memories

This has been a crazy couple days trying to figure out what United is up to. The “permanent” elimination of change fees came under scrutiny based on their website language. Yet now they are saying permanent will indeed be permanent.

Boeing Tells Airlines to Ground 737 MAX Jets Over Manufacturing Issues – Paddle Your Own Kanoo

Well here we go again. What is it with this jet? I’m still not thrilled about the idea of flying on one, even as they have taken to the skies again recently.

Oops: Title “Miss” Causes TUI 737 To Take Off Overweight – One Mile at a Time

This is crazy. Don’t they have passenger birthdays included among the data taken? It would make way more sense to calculate expected weight off of DOB and gender.

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