I shared the recent positive developments to the Aeroplan miles expiration policy. Matthew details his foreboding sense that things will not (yet he hopes the will) stay rosy. Aeroplan is set to roll out changes…some day. And we know that isn’t typically a good thing.

American Airlines Schedules Dreamliners On 4 Domestic Miami Routes – Traveling for Miles

Flying a wide-body on domestic routes is always fun, especially if you can score lie-flat seats in business class. I’ve taken a United 777-300ER cross country in business and a Delta 767-300ER in Comfort+. I’ve yet to fly American, although the LAX-MIA route on a 787 is tempting.

Guns & Butter: Kathmandu Travel Guide (Bargaining Edition) – The Points of Life

Sometimes I forget how much I love trip reports, especially those with tons of photos and a quick, honest look at the experience like this one. I’ve been interested in visiting Nepal, but getting outside of Kathmandu seems to be what you want to do. At least there are monkeys to see. And a Hyatt to stay at.

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