Here are a few other articles from around the travel web that I think you may find interesting:

Video: When Pilots Work From Home – One Mile at a Time

This is creative and hysterical. There is also an similar “Flight attendants working from home” video. Which do you enjoy more?

How Frequent Miler (the business) will survive COVID-19 – Frequent Miler (obviously)

With the massive slump in blog traffic and now affiliate partners pulling out of things, bloggers are being hard hit. I do this on the side, so it’s only a small amount of income that will be affected. But I feel for those in the community who do this as a full-time gig. I appreciate Greg’s thoughts and honest look at the situation in this post.

SPECIAL GUEST: Hear Nomadic Matt Talk About His Experience Testing Positive For COVID-19 – Pizza in Motion

I caught Matt’s initial tweet about testing positive for COVID-19. If you’ve been around the travel space for long, you’ve undoubtedly read his work and visited his site. He is one of the bigger voices in budget travel, travel hacking, and making a difference in the world through travel. I really enjoyed (not sure that’s the right descriptor?) listening to this segment on his experience with COVID-19. Glad he is doing well!!

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