Which Premium Cards are Keepers? – Frequent Miler

This is a great calculator. If you like to jump into the numbers on your cards, this will be the perfect tool. They let you make a copy of the calculation spreadsheet into your own Google account.

I admittedly go by mostly gut when I make decisions to keep or cancel cards. But this is a tool I will be using in the future.

Travel Blogger And Hiker Fell 1000 Feet And Was Stranded For 3 Days – Points with a Crew

The fall was mine. I’m the guilty party. I’m thankful my sister got in contact with Dan and began a cascade of events that led to my rescue.

35 Years Later: Remembering Pan Am Flight 103 – The Bulkhead Seat

I’m not familiar with this incident, which I’ll blame on my age (it happened the year before I was born). But it sounds awful. I cannot imagine the tragedy it was at the time. This article is a good, short rundown.

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