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Lufthansa CEO Says Dirt Cheap Fares Are “Irresponsible – One Mile at a Time

This amounts to little more than protectionist whining by Germany’s largest carrier. After Air Berlin folded, Lufthansa group has been left with the lion’s share of the passenger traffic. What’s wrong with Easyjet and Ryanair selling flights for $11 USD as they seek to increase market share? Competition is good for everyone. Except Lufthansa.

“Unbelievable” 21 Hour American Airlines Flight Delay – USA Today

American Airlines has really been struggling lately. Maintenance issues have soared as the airline has been in talks with its mechanics union. The airline blames the mechanics for purposefully delaying maintenance work and has sued the union. How I would hate to have been these passengers with a 21-hour delay for a flight across the country.

The A380 is Flying to…Venezuela?!? – Simple Flying

With the country in shambles, this is just craziness. This is one of the last airlines I would have ever expected to lease an A380. But at least Hi-Fly has a customer?

I spoke to the CEO of the Courtyard Marriott Clemson – Andy’s Travel Blog

This is the second part to a story that ran previously about a hotel cancelling bookings months after guests made them. While it hurts that the hotel has to do this, and the outrage was intense (many folks got an excellent rate on a college football weekend), the hotel’s reason for their action makes total sense.

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