Ahh buffets. I love them and I hate them at the same time. I like the fancy ones in Vegas (Wicked Spoon, Bellagio, etc) but sometimes I hate how expensive they are because if I’m paying $50+ I much rather have a nice steak dinner.

On the other side of the scale, there are value buffets like at the Red Rock Feast Buffet. I really like the Red Rock Feast Buffet as it is a great value, while still holding some quality and good cleanliness standards. Additionally, the Feast Buffet at Green Valley Ranch is really good for lunch as well.

With a player’s card (which you can join for free) lunch is only $10.99 per person ($14.99 without card) on Mon-Fri!

Dinner is only $15.99 with the card (Sun-Thurs because Fri & Sat have special menus), and I’ve tried dinner at the Red Rock BUT to me the Green Valley Ranch Feast Buffet is better than Red Rock for dinner 🙂

But for lunch, which I just had at the Red Rock, either location is fine!

What food is there?!

There’s many stations at Red Rock: Sushi, Mexican, Asian, American, BBQ, Italian, Salad Bar and then Desserts!

Green Valley is pretty much the same except they have a “Mongolian BBQ” station where it’s made to order sir fry.

Okay the pictures might not look to great on the food but trust me it is actually pretty tasty! The sushi is really good and I like the pasta they have. My favorite part of the buffet is the gelato! They have many gelato flavors; I always get chocolate and coffee!

The Verdict:

For $10.99 including drinks and a pretty vast array of quality food options, there is great value at the Feast Buffet!

You and view the menu/prices for Red Rock’s Feast Buffet here

Or for Green Valley Ranch’s Feast Buffet here


What are your favorite buffets! Comment below!