Qatar Airways have announced their January 2018 sale, which once again has some excellent business class fares available. It is considered the best business class in the world and I certainly agree.

Global Travel Boutique is how they refer to the sales at Qatar Airways and there are different deals in each country. Below are just some of the available fares.

Qatar’s January 2018 Sale Fares

The sale runs from 9 January through to 16 January so you need to start looking now. You can travel up to 10 December 2018 and there are blackout dates on business class from 9 June to 10 September.

* Oslo to Sydney – 16,310 NOK – €1,687
* Oslo to Melbourne – 17,938 NOK – €1,854
* Oslo to Canberra – 17,737 NOK – €1,730
* Oslo to Perth – 16,141 NOK – €1,668
* Oslo to Adelaide – 16,187 NOK – €1,673
* Oslo to Auckland – 17,134 NOK – €1,773
* Windhoek to Dublin – 14,006 NAD – €943
* Windhoek to Paris – 14,733 NAD – €992
* Athens to Hong Kong – €1,467
* Sofia to Singapore – 2,298 BGN – €1,175
* Sofia to Shanghai – 2,270 BGN – €1,160
* Stockholm to Singapore – 13,793 SEK – €1,402
* Stockholm to Kuala Lumpur – 13,237 SEK – €1,346
* Helsinki to Chiang Mai – €1,189
* Helsinki to Krabi – €1,246
* Helsinki to Ho Chi Minh City – €1,452
* Helsinki to Tokyo Haneda or Narita – €1,496
* Tunis to Kuala Lumpur – 3,139 TND – €1,054

All of the above fares are in business class going out and back in November as that is the month I was checking. You will find availability throughout the year and of course there are economy class deals as well.

Thoughts On The Fares

The fares to Australia out of Norway are exceptionally good with all of them being far below the competition. For example, British Airways regularly charges over €3,000 for business class to Sydney.

All of the other prices are very good as well. If you have frequent flyer miles and can travel to one of the above cities as your starting point, you can save a substantial amount of money.

Overall Thoughts

Once again Qatar Airways have produced some excellent business class deals in their January sale. In the past, I have flown to places like Stockholm in order to start my trip there in order to save thousands of Euro.

Considering how cheap it is to get around Europe, the only cost by doing that is time so I thoroughly recommend it. Hopefully some of you will take advantage of some of these fares.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Gerry Stegmeier via Wikimedia Commons.

With thanks to Head For Points for alerting me to the sale.
Thanks to ms101, justatourist, florens, navylad, englisha and others on FlyerTalk for finding some of the above fares.