Is Extraordinary Desserts that extraordinary?

Well, it certainly is tasty and a hip place to go, but I’m not quite sure if it truly lives up to the name. I’ve been to both locations before (the older smaller one on Fifth, and the newer bigger one on Union). My friends and I headed down to San Diego for the day and we decided to eat at Extraordinary Desserts for dinner and dessert! We went to the one on Union St. near little Italy. I personally don’t like the Fifth Ave location as it is smaller and dirtier.

The one on Union St. is modern and quite a nice place to hang out!

They don’t have a permanent dessert menu, rather they have all the desserts displayed out at the front of the restaurant and they give you a clipboard to write down the desserts you like/want to order later! I suggest you take pictures so you can make a more informed decision when you sit down and forget how the desserts looked haha!

For dinner, I ordered a BLT, which was pretty good. A bit pricey for $12.95, but an ok sandwich! Two of my other friends Montse and Leah ordered the BLT and liked it too. Josh ordered the Pastrami sandwich and said it was good! My friend Laurel ordered a Tomato Bisque soup and loved it! Not a bad place to get some cafe nibbles!

Extraordinary Desserts


Why Didn’t You Review Dessert First!?

I was getting there!! Okay, time to review desserts!

Josh and I ordered the Brownie Cheesecake. For $3.95, it was a really good brownie! The presentation was nice, and the taste was really good. Josh thought it had a coffee taste to it, and I thought the cheesecake with the chocolate mixed nicely. Solid choice!

Leah got the Creme Brulee. For $9.95 it’s a pretty penny. It’s a pretty big portion, but Leah wasn’t thrilled that it was served cold and that the sugar on the top was not hard and crunchy. I would be disappointed too because I love the hard top layer. Not sure if it was worth the $9.95.

Montse got the Chocolate Cupcake. She liked it, but said Sprinkles was better. For $6.95, it was too expensive for the taste and size.

Laurel got the Caramelized Creme Brulee Bun and she said she thoroughly enjoyed this dessert! Not a bad choice for $5.95.

The Verdict:

While it may not be “Extraordinary”, Extraordinary Desserts is a fun and tasty place to grab some desserts and little cafe sandwiches.


Happy travels,