It is reported that Abu Dhabi based Etihad are no longer going to operate their own lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 4. Instead, it will be operated by No 1 Lounges while still being used by Etihad’s passengers.

This is double win for Etihad really, as they no longer have to operate the lounge yet it is still designed as they intended. What does this mean for other lounges though?

Etihad Lounge Dublin

London Heathrow sees three daily flights from Abu Dhabi, which makes sense as to why there was an Etihad lounge there. Strangely enough though, there is an Etihad lounge in Dublin as well.

Apart from the home carrier Aer Lingus, Etihad is the only airline with their own facility in Dublin. All the others use the pretty basic Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) operated lounges, apart from flights to the USA which have a pretty decent DAA operated lounge called 51st & Green.

Etihad are reducing Dublin flights from twice daily to daily from January 2019. This means the lounge is only going to be used for a couple of hours per day which will be a waste.

You can see from the pictures that it has a lovely design. Perhaps Aer Lingus will pick it up to expand their Gold Circle Lounge? I personally would like to see the oneworld carriers pick it up.

Overall Thoughts

With British Airways operating up to 14 times daily through Dublin, it would make sense for them to take it. Considering other oneworld carriers such as Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Finnair, Iberia and S7 also fly out of Dublin, a premium facility for them would be welcome. The only problem is the lounge location between the terminals, it is quite far from the BA gates for example.

Arguments could also be made for the Etihad lounge to be picked up by Star Alliance. Perhaps also a third party such as Plaza Premium or No 1 Lounges could take it on. The facility is fitted to 7 star standard so it would be sad to see that premium feel go to waste.

What do you think of Etihad closing their lounges? Manchester recently closed too, so it is part of a trend. Who is best to pick up the space in Dublin? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada via Wikimedia Commons.
Etihad Dublin Lounge images via Glenbeigh Construction.