I was at Heathrow airport at 04h45 to check-in for my flight to Athens. Passport and security went smoothly so I was able to spend some time at the No 1 lounge at Heathrow in Terminal 3.




There is this very useful sign that shows all the lounges in Terminal 3. Lounge F and Lounge D are the ones listed in the Priority Pass app for use in this Terminal.

a sign board with text and images

I checked in at the entrance, and then a server took me to a specific seat at a 6 man table. The lounge was getting busy so I guess they wanted to make sure people sat at an appropriate table.

people in a building with a sign


Areas of the lounge:

I saw the sign for the Travel Spa but I did not get to go to it. Nice marble and tiling in these areas.

a sign on a wall

Very nice to see that there is a separate cinema available. It will be nice if you have a few hours to spend.

a wooden wall with a sign and a television

The male restroom is pleasant. Separate hand soap and enough space for your luggage.

a soap dispenser on a sink

a bathroom with a sink and toilet


Available food and drink:

A nice bar with a large variety of drinks available. The barman was not in place because it was so early but I did see him pouring a drink or two through the morning.

a bar with bottles of alcohol

Seeing as this is Heathrow there is a lovely variety of Twinings tea available, as well as soda and 2 coffee machines.

a coffee machine and tea dispenser two coffee machines on a counter

Some fruit and pastries available for breakfast.

a table with food on it

This was the hot food section with good bacon, eggs, potatoes, beans and croissants.

a trays of food on a table


Various seating areas:

This lounge takes up a large space so there are various seating areas as well as the aforementioned cinema and spa. There is a ‘sort of’ view of the tarmac out the windows on the right.

The view from the far end of the lounge. I was seated at the table about halfway up on the right.

a large room with many tables and chairs

You can see that there are different sections available for seating.

a room with chairs and tables

Some of the tables had reserved signs on them but there were quite a few that were open.

a room with chairs and a table a room with green chairs and a table

I did find the lounge to be a bit noisy, the amount of people and the shape of the space was conducive to sound spreading.

This lovely display of HMS Endeavour is a centerpiece of the lounge. This is the ship used by Captain Cook in sailing the Pacific in the late 1700’s.

a model of a ship in a glass case



There are 7 Priority Pass lounges available in Terminals 2,3,4 and 5 so there is no shortage of choices.

No 1 Lounge is a very nice lounge to spend time in. There are different seating areas, more than enough food and drink available, as well as areas like the cinema for losing yourself in.

This is one of the bigger and better Priority Pass lounges I have been in so far.

Totally recommended.