While I was out walking this morning, I noticed that Emirates are advertising for Cabin Crew. There was an electronic ad on the back of a public telephone booth playing, which grabbed my attention.

Airlines are currently recruiting to replace people who left or were laid off during the pandemic. In a tight labour market, this is somewhat of a challenge in some respects.

Emirates Are Advertising, But What Do They Offer?

According to the Emirates website, they are looking for people who are fluent in spoken and written English. People with additional languages have an advantage, something which is pretty standard in Cabin Crew recruitment.

You must be “a natural team player with a personality that shines”, and at least 160cm or 5’3″ and be able to reach 212cm high. You should also have completed high school, have a year of customer service or hospitality experience and no visible tattoos.

Pay is pretty decent, coming in at €2,710 per month, or US$2,770 or £2,280 approximately. You also receive furnished accommodation which is free, plus the salary is tax free.

Annual leave comprises of 30 days per year, plus one free ticket annually to your country of origin. In the beginning you have six months or probation and your initial contract is for three years.

Overall Thoughts

It was interesting to see Emirates are advertising in Ireland. Checking out the website, I can see that they are holding a recruitment day in Galway today, so I am sure there will be many prospective employees attending, hoping to snag a role.

Working on board as Cabin Crew is not a job for the faint hearted. It is a demanding role which is also quite tiring, so you will need to have stamina and mental fortitude to be successful and enjoy it.

Have you worked as airline crew before? What do you think of the Emirates package? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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