I like blogging and sharing experiences. Hopefully, readers will learn something as helpful as the information that I’ve received from other blogs. Readers don’t always agree with me, and they aren’t shy about letting me know when they do. That said, they are almost always polite and respectful about it. Then, there are emails like this.

“ak airlines…..bogus reviews……lived there for over 25 years…ever fly in a plane unheated at 50 below?  Yea..thought not…try ak in the winter….on their cargo/passenger bs flight fbks to Anc…..walk outside to board….no effin heat for the entire flight a**hole!!!!  Price to travel over 2x per mile what it cost in the lower 48….what did they give you a complimentary drink for your review????  btw no service at all for these flights…..pls jet blue come to alaska…..ak airlines whould be renamed seattle’s worst!!!”

I first had to think for a second, when in the world did I review Alaska. Then I remembered my trip out to Seattle just before Christmas. I took a look at what I said. This review begat that email. Love it! 🙂 Nothing like a little spam not from the can to give me a good laugh. Happy Sunday!