The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently made a record seizure at Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS). Allow me to eggsplain.

An arriving passenger was intercepted with an hensane amount of raw quail eggs — 26 pounds!

quail egg benefits

Quail eggs from passenger at Boston Logan Airport. Credit: CBP

This ended up being one of the largest egg finds the CBP has shelled out.

“This is one of the largest egg seizures on record,” eggcitingly said Boston Area Port Director Helen Sterling. “Once again, our CBP agriculture specialists have successfully intercepted an animal product that had the potential of carrying harmful diseases; in this case, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) and Newcastle Disease.”

The passenger arrived from Vietnam, and was referred for a secondary inspection by a CBP officer. The traveler declared various foods to an agriculture specialist, who intercepted the massive quantity of eggs packed in rice hulls, another prohibited food item from Vietnam. The eggs and rice hulls were seized and destroyed.

Some people propose raw quail egg benefits to a person’s health go beyond those of the common chicken egg. All eggs and egg products originating from countries or regions affected with HPAI must be accompanied by a USDA Veterinary Services (VS) Permit and meet all permit requirements, or be consigned to an approved establishment.

Customs are not yolking around here. According to the CBP, agriculture specialists are the front line in the fight against the introduction of harmful insects and diseases into the U.S. They safeguard American agriculture and our natural resources by stopping plant pests and exotic foreign animal diseases at our nation’s borders.

quail egg benefits

Raw quail eggs are often eaten for their claimed health benefits

Now, if you do happen to have some legal quail eggs, and a LOT of time on your hands, have a go at this creative art.



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