After flying from Dublin to Amsterdam on Aer Lingus and staying overnight at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the citizenM hotel, it was time to fly the final leg. This time I was joining two friends and flying with easyJet, who I haven’t flown since 2010.

Quite frankly, the flight was a steal, costing €32.49, and I booked two and a half weeks before departure, after another airline cancelled their flight. To sit together, we paid an additional €4.99 each. If you don’t pay this, the only way to sit together is to check in one after the other, as easyJet assign as you check in otherwise.

Time To Fly easyJet

After meeting a friend off the 5:55am train, we sped through the airport socially distancing in our masks. Amsterdam has newer security scanners meaning everything can stay in your bag, which I adore. Once at the gate, easyJet announced there would be no Speedy Boarding and called everyone by rows.

U27925 – Amsterdam to Nice (AMS-NCE)
24 August 2020
Airbus A320 – OE-IJU
Seat: Economy 26B
Departure: 07:00 Arrival: 09:00

We boarded through the rear door, stowed our cabin baggage and sat down. It is lucky we pre-selected our seats, because the flight turned out to be almost completely full.

Soon enough, the cabin crew came through and closed the overhead lockers. After the safety demonstration we headed to the runway and took to the sky pretty quickly.

Our easyJet A320 Cabin

In Europe, easyJet is considered the “better” low cost airline, as opposed to their competition, Ryanair. I find it pretty correct, and I think that’s just because of the cabin ambiance.

They have a more standard cabin with less eye watering colours, which just feels nicer all round. Either way, I had no problems at all with it.

I’m Hungry, Give Me Food!

After flying for a bit, I asked my friend to flag down a passing stewardess and ask if we were having cabin service. Perhaps I’m too used to business class, but it felt like we had waited a while. Plus, Aer Lingus are not serving food on board right now on European flights and I had just flown them, so I thought it might be the case here.

The crew member replied tartly that yes, there was service and it would start soon. Well, okay then! Surely enough, the trolley soon arrived and we ordered what we wanted.

Price wise, the Mezze Snack Box comes in at €6 on the menu, while the water is €2.50 and the coffee €3.00. The drinks are highway robbery, but since I had wine the night before, I couldn’t care less and just paid up.

Once I had the food, I chilled for the rest of the flight. We landed in Nice and deplaned through the rear door, and soon enough were in the terminal and the flight was over.

How About A 25 Second Video?

On a whim, I took a quick video of the cabin from my seat. It just pans around my seating area and tray tables and shows the view from my seat at the back.

Exciting stuff, I know, but it does give you that being there feeling a picture just can’t!

Overall Thoughts

easyJet offer a very good product at a very good price. The cabin crew fulfilled their roles professionally and I thought the buy on board offering to be fine.

Cabin comfort is very good though I found the tray tables to be on the meagre side. If the big orange actually flew to Dublin, I would probably use them over Ryanair. However, they tried that once, got burned and never came back, which is a shame.

What do you think of easyJet? Are they your airline of choice? How about that full service during a pandemic? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Alan Wilson on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.