At the dawn of the jet age, airline advertising often highlighted the aircraft you were going to fly on. That is exactly what happens in these Eastern Airlines TV commercials, letting the well heeled 1960s passenger have a taste of what was to come.

Eastern Airlines was once one of the largest US airlines, flying domestically and into the Caribbean and South America. While the airline’s demise is a case study in itself, it was once a popular and money making enterprise with loyal frequent flyers.

Eastern Airlines TV Commercials

The airline was the first to introduce the Boeing 727 into service, which is highlighted in this Eastern Airlines TV commercial from 1964. While the kids are amusing, check out that menu – Lobster Newburg and Filet Mignon with Bordelaise sauce – prepared as you like it!

While the ad touts it as “quiet as a library”, it certainly was not like that outside. Having flown on a 727, I do remember it being very quiet inside, where you can only hear the rushing of the air over the fuselage. It’s not as quiet as they make out in the next ad, hailing from 1965 though.

Even today’s Airbus A350 is not as dead silent on board as that one would like to make you think. Still, it certainly was a smart way to advertise the new plane.

Overall Thoughts

I always enjoy seeing old TV commercials made by airlines as they give a real sense of the pop culture of whatever era they are set in. It’s also fun checking out the different fashions and trends shown. While a lot of the airlines are now consigned to history, they still live on, in a sense, thanks to these relics that have been uploaded online.

What did you think of these Eastern Airlines TV commercials? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Jose R. Santiago via Pinterest.