Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport opened in late 2010 and provision was made at that time for a hotel connected to the terminal. It is finally going to happen, with an announcement made this week.

Currently there are two hotels at the airport, however you need to get a shuttle bus or walk outdoors to access them. Not great in some of the Irish weather, that’s for sure!

New Hotel At Dublin Airport

The British group Arora is going to spend €100 million building a 410 room hotel right at Terminal 2. It will consist of 11 floors and the company will have the right to operate it for 100 years before returning it to the airport operator.

As with many airport hotels, it will be filled with all the mod cons, such as a gym, sauna, executive lounge and meeting rooms. Business should do well.

I always like using airport hotels that are walking distance from the terminal. It’s just simpler and easier than having to faff about finding buses or taxis.

Any airline crew staying overnight, and there would be plenty, will also really like this option. Subject to planning permission being granted, construction should begin this year, with completion in 2024.

Overall Thoughts

Great to see – finally – movement on a hotel being built right at the Dublin Airport terminal. This will provide some good competition to the market, plus provide convenience for anyone who elects to go there.

The creation of new jobs is also a plus here. Since flying will return to something like normal eventually, the hotel should arrive at a good time to capture plenty of demand.

What do you think of this new hotel being built at Dublin Airport? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Ardfern via Wikimedia Commons.