An interesting quirk at the moment is the public transport situation around Dublin Airport. Once the pandemic hit, all express bus services between the city centre and airport were cancelled. Not too surprising at all.

Travel is picking up now and during the week of 13 to 19 July, 36,931 people arrived at the facility. Yet the express buses are still not operating, even in a limited fashion, from the airport to Dublin City Centre.

Dublin Airport By Bus

Since the airport has no railway link, the bus is the only form of public transport available. Alternatives are driving a car, taking a taxi or walking, hopping, skipping or other suchlike.

Express services are operated by Dublin Bus and a private company called Aircoach. All services have been suspended since late March thanks to the lockdown, until now.

Aircoach have started limited operations on 27 July. You can travel from Belfast in Northern Ireland to Dublin Airport. You can also travel from Cork to Dublin Airport. However, their services from Dublin to the airport are not operating yet.

Dublin Bus also have not restarted their airport services. This means people have to get local buses, the 16 or 41, which take far, far longer to make the journey. Sitting on a 16 stopping at every stop on the way is a mind numbing experience, let me tell you!

Overall Thoughts

It is a peculiar set of circumstances. I like to go to Dublin Airport by bus, as it’s convenient, fast and cheap. Taxis I will usually only use for when I have luggage.

While the local buses are still running, they take up to twice as much time. It can’t be great for people coming and going to have such a limited choice. Hardly the hallmark of a modern open city now, is it?

What do you think of this strange transport situation? Do you go to Dublin Airport by bus? Are you a public transport to the airport type or a driver/taxi/helicopter/limo type? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Alex Noble via Wikimedia Commons.