Hello from MJ on Travel World HQ in snowy Atlanta. It’s hard for me to think of 2″ of snow as something to get excited about, but I am. I had been forewarned about how the city dealt with snow, but I really did not believe it. Now, I have seen it with my own eyes. Basically, we don’t handle snow here.

Hundreds spent the night in their cars on gridlocked highways. Hundreds of children spent the night at school. A colleague’s son walked 5 miles home from school, and her husband spent the night in his office. Apparently, some flights are operating from the airport, but good luck getting to/from there if you are originating from or traveling to Atlanta. If you are traveling to, from, or through Atlanta, please check your flight status and reroute or reschedule if you can. 

Fortunately, I’m a short MARTA ride from my office, and a short walk home. Gotta feel for people who had to drive in this. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

-MJ, January 29, 2014