How does it feel to be trapped for hours and hours without any option to move? I can tell you all about it, because I’ve had the passenger beside me in an aisle seat fall asleep for an entire flight before.

Usually I would sit in an aisle seat when travelling long-haul in economy class. For a start, I don’t sleep sitting bolt upright, and it also means I can get up and down as much as I like without disturbing anyone.

Please Don’t Fall Asleep In The Aisle Seat!

I was travelling from Dublin to Chicago on a daytime flight, so I selected a window seat as I do like to see out. What I hadn’t counted on was the passenger sitting next to me.

After the meal service, she promptly fell sound asleep in the aisle seat. As I am loathe to poke someone awake, I just sat there as hour after hour after hour passed in boring tedium.

My assumption is that she was a veteran plane sleeper, as she had no trouble whatsoever nodding off. If that were the case, she really should have chosen a window seat to cuddle up next to, though in saying that I also dislike people who sleep in a window seat on a daytime flight!

Luckily I had no urgent need to get out of my seat, but I was certainly glad when she woke up later in the flight for the meal before landing. That meant I could get up and go to the bathroom, but more than that, the chance to move my body out of the position it had been in for hours was delicious.

Overall Thoughts

Why didn’t you just wake her up, I hear you ask. Sure, look, if I was busting for the loo or was in some kind of pain from my seated position, I would have happily woke her up and asked her to let me out. However, I wasn’t, it was just annoyingly uncomfortable but nothing I couldn’t handle. I envy those who can fall asleep like that in economy class on a plane.

It would probably have been nice of her to say, “If you need me to get up at anytime, just ask, I don’t mind!”. It’s what I usually tell the person in the seat beside me when I’m on the aisle, so they know to “bother me” anytime (cause it’s really no bother at all).

Have you ever been trapped by someone asleep in the aisle seat before? Has anyone ever been annoyed with you at your need to get up and for them to let you out? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Kamel15 via Wikimedia Commons.