A commercial by AeroMexico is doing the rounds online at the moment, which is well worth seeing. It is poking fun at the general situation around President Trump’s planned border wall with Mexico.

The tagline at the end of the commercial is “There are no borders within us” to highlight the fact a lot of people in the USA have a partially Mexican heritage. The aim is to inspire more people to visit Mexico.

AeroMexico’s DNA Discounts Commercial

It opens with a voiceover stating, “Mexico’s first destination is America but America’s first destination is not Mexico”. They travel to the town of Wharton, Texas and ask people if they would visit Mexico.

Of course, everyone pretty much says no, despite liking things such as various foods attributed to Mexico. That sets up the punchline for the commercial.

AeroMexico decided to give what they called DNA discounts. This meant testing the people to see what percentage of Mexican DNA they had, and then giving them that percentage off flights.

The reactions are pretty fun, with some people being shocked and others being pretty relaxed about it all. It’s certainly amusing to watch!

Overall Thoughts

When a business does something that has oblique commentary on something topical, it can go very well or it can alienate a lot of people. In this case, I think AeroMexico have done an excellent job.

Any intelligent person would be able to understand that it’s designed to be taken lightly. The spirit of it is to get people to consider Mexico as a travel destination, especially considering that part of you may be from there.

What do you think of this commercial from AeroMexico? Could there be DNA discounts offered at other airlines someday? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Airlinefleets.com.