When I am flying, I tend to pay attention to what is going on around me. Since I started travelling in premium cabins, I have come across brand after brand that I would not necessarily have discovered myself.

Having been impressed with certain products, I’ve found that I’ve gone on to buy and use them at home. That is probably why the brands work in conjunction with airlines and other travel providers, as the exposure can be quite extensive.

A Brand I Discovered

The first brand to get my attention was the Australian luxury brand Aesop. I was visiting the quite frankly stunning Cathay Pacific “The Pier” first class lounge in Hong Kong when I needed to wash my hands.

An absolutely delicious scent invaded my nostrils when I used it and I instantly became a fan. It made an excellent gift for my Mum and I’ve also used it myself at home. Love it!

How About Some Cutlery?

I was planning to fly Finnair recently and I was noodling around on their website, looking at the Finnair Shop. There I noticed some Iittala cutlery that looked pretty fly.

On a whim I checked online to see how much it was and lo and behold it was on sale at 50% off. After some debating, I bought a set for myself… and one for my parents for their birthdays.

Champagne Glasses

Cathay Pacific noted their first class Champagne glasses had been switched out to tulip-shaped ones by Riedel. Apparently this shape is ideal and the people at Krug agree.

After checking online, I found several opinions on a forum from people who had switched to this shape of glass. They agreed it was a noticeable improvement, so I bought myself a set of the Reidel Veloce glasses.

Overall Thoughts

I guess I should thank the people at Cathay Pacific and Finnair for their use of these products. One of my friends comes from a wealthy background and he knows about these kinds of things. I was gratified both with the Aesop and the Iittala purchases that he knew of and used the products himself.

It would be interesting to quantify just how much brands get out of these partnerships. From amenity kits to the branding on pyjamas and bedding, I am always seeing branded items when flying. Looks like the placement has worked in my case. Oh, I almost forgot – I also bought Grado Headphones after seeing someone mention how good they were in a jetBlue flight review. So there’s that too!

Have you ever purchased something you’ve come across when travelling, maybe from an airline or even a hotel chain? Let me know what it was and where you found it, as I’d love to know. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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