British Airways has long featured an international business class product with forward and rear facing seats. Those in window seats need to step over another passenger (when they have their seat in bed mode) to get out. There are some seats with direct aisle access though, which avoids the issue.

Of course, BA are currently refitting their aircraft with the new Club Suites, where everyone faces forward and this issue is no longer. Since the rollout of that product will take some time, the current seats aren’t going anywhere for a while. Here are the seats you need to choose.

Direct Aisle Access

Window seats with direct aisle access are available on all aircraft that has this type of Club World installed. It is usually the last row of seats in each cabin that you should select. For example, on the Boeing 787-8, you want 3A or 3K or 7A or 7K, as per the aeroLOPA seat map below.

With the Boeing 787-9, the seat map online shows that 7A or 7K and 13A or 13K are the plum seats. I’m lucky enough to have 7A on a flight from Sydney to London next month.

These seats are especially good for people like me who may not sleep through the flight. It means I can get up without any acrobatics whenever I like.

What About The Airbus A380?

There are even more options on the British Airways Airbus A380. Club World is spread over two decks, which means there are even more seats to choose from.

Downstairs you would choose 15A or 15K, but who wants to sit downstairs? Upstairs is where it’s at, as in addition to the two largest bathrooms you’ve ever seen on a plane, there are 53A and 53K plus 59A and 59K to choose from.

The Boeing 777 Fleet

These aircraft are the ones currently being switched over to Club Suites and this rollout is expected to be complete by the end of 2022. However for now you might still get one of the old configurations.

Follow the same rule as the rest by choosing the rearmost window seat in the cabin. The various seating plans are located on the aeroLOPA website here.

Overall Thoughts

Since the yin/yang configuration in British Airways Club World will be around a while longer, it’s good to know you can get direct aisle access. Of course, you may have to pay for the privilege as BA do charge seating fees to people without frequent flyer status.

On the other hand, you could always just choose an aisle seat and you would always have direct aisle access. Though I suppose that comes with the risk of someone tripping over you while trying to get out of their seat in the middle of the night! Not that I’ve ever seen that happen.

What do you think of these British Airways’ business class seats? Do you choose one of these window seats or is it no big deal? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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