Denver International Airport has quite the long-term plan. Years ago, a friend in Colorado Springs told me to go find Gate 1 in Terminal B. Turns out, you can’t. There is no Gate B1. But the signs are up as if there is!

DIA (or DEN…take your pick) has plans to grow. It turns out that locating your international airport far from town has some significant upsides, not the least of which is plenty of available space. This makes additions easy, as they can be done while minimizing disruption to ongoing operations.

During my most recent trip through DIA, I got to explore a new corner. And compared to the rest of the airport, it’s top notch.

Denver’s New B-East Gates

Denver has undergone a significant gate expansion project over the past couple years. Part of the project included expansion of both the east and west ends of Terminal B. Turns out that the Terminal B-East gates (those that I found myself admiring) are among the new additions.

Completed in late 2022, the Denver Terminal B expansion included the addition of 7 new B-East gates and renovation of three existing gates. The B-East gates are B62-B71. You have to wander down to the furthest end of Terminal B to reach them.  I never would have known they were here had my flight not been departing out of this new section. Although the gates can handle standard sized aircraft, I noticed that many were for regional flights.

a golf cart in a terminal

Walkway to the new gates at the east end of Terminal B.

The high ceilings of the new terminal area give it a great feel. There is plenty of light, and it doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Compared to many U.S. airport terminals, this section of DIA Terminal B is lovely.

Denver Terminal B Expansion

New B-East Gates

The gates have some great features. The variety of seating impressed me. Not to mention the displays showing the destination right under the gate number look really sharp.

Denver Terminal B Expansion - Gate B68

Gate B68

You have everything from lounge chairs to a standing high-top table workspace.

people in an airport

Gate B68 Seating

There are even some booths, perfect for families. It’s always nice to not be relegated to the same typical seating found in so many airports.

a white table and black booth seats

Booth Seating


And there are charging plugs everywhere (well..the booth tables being an exception). The seating isn’t as space-efficient as it could be, but it is far more comfortable. In some ways, you feel more like you’re in a lounge that at the gate.

The quality is even maintained when it comes to the restrooms. Everyone hates crappy airport bathrooms. These were actually nice.

The big downside is the lack of food options in the gate area. After getting so much else right, it surprising that there isn’t a restaurant located nearby. There’s a market in the works. As the area is both nicer and quieter compared to the rest of the terminal, a restaurant would make a great addition. Currently, you have to walk back quite a bit to find a restaurant.

Final Thoughts on the Denver Terminal B Expansion

The new B-East gates are a welcome sight at DIA. I don’t pass through Denver a lot. Usually an occasional United connection here or there. As someone who really enjoys airports, I hope a flight will take me back through this corner of the airport again.

Have you passed through DIA lately? What do you think of their airport expansion projects?