Delta announced the grand opening of their newest Atlanta Sky Club on the D Concourse Monday via their great blog. This new club follows some real improvements in their Atlanta Club offerings (A-17, B-10 (Did I ever mention how much I disliked the old B-10 club?)) as well as other new and renovated clubs across the system. I love the open feel and modern decor of their latest Clubs, and I think other customers will too.

Aside from a modern feel, I’ve noted a focus on the little things business travelers value, slightly improved snack offerings, some reasonably comfortable furniture, and most importantly for me….lots of power outlets. Delta’s new cyber bar concept is a big winner for me. I tend to fly Delta on business trips, and I appreciate having a place to camp out that’s clean with room for my laptop, iPhone, BlackBerry, and access to a power outlet that I don’t need a crowbar and a jar of vaseline to access. The DCA Sky Club’s cyber bar is depicted below.

DCA Sky Club Cyber Bar

From my perspective, Delta’s new Sky Clubs are a cut above the rest in the domestic US market. I’ve been doing a little complaining here lately about Sky Miles, but Sky Clubs are one of several things Delta is doing right. I’ll check out those new Sky Club digs in Atlanta this weekend as long as Irene doesn’t cancel my flight, and share my experience with you.