I’m on my first business trip since Delta dismissed ExpertFlyer as an option for me….. and I’m annoyed. I’m at the point where I start researching options and opportunities to get home earlier (or later), and I can no longer just look at which flights are available and best for me. Picking through delta.com is not that useful. Frankly, it would seem, that’s more of a pain for Delta than me looking at data directly from a GDS via ExpertFlyer and making the call to Delta for what I want.

Now, about the best I can do is look at Delta.com, and wonder. In fairness, I can see they’re still selling seats, and look at seat maps to make a judgement on whether or not I want to call and try for a flight, but it just isn’t the same….and sometimes I want more. You can put me in the camp of being solidly annoyed at this —–

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.38.07 PM

I don’t think I’m one who believes himself to be more valuable as a customer than he really is. I don’t think I’m an unreasonable guy. Most of all, I’m a solid fan of the widget. But I have to wonder what is really behind this decision? I’m pretty sure the PowerPoint slide that led to it wasn’t prepared by anyone that spends much time with customers.

-MJ, September 9, 2014