As I wrote earlier, I’m going to offer some insight into the subjects that are most interesting to those who arrive at MJ on Travel through a search engine. This weekend, I’ll be writing on the three most common search terms starting with the subject of Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s) in Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program.

This subject has rocketed to the top of reader curiosity recently. This is more than likely a result of the rapidly approaching year end when SkyMiles members are looking to top off their accounts and ensure that they earn, maintain or achieve the next level of SkyMiles Medallion elite status. I know this is a concern of mine as I will be dropping from Silver Medallion this year, and I’m none too pleased about it. But I’m hoping for a better year next year. At least I have AAdvantage Platinum to soften the blow, but I’d rather have elite status on both of my airlines, not just one.

In any event, there are some things you can do (besides fly more) in the remaining weeks of 2008 to top off your MQM’s and fly in style next year, or get a headstart on your MQM balance for next year. If you’re really in need of some MQM’s, I recommend that you consider obtaining one of the SkyMiles credit card options from American Express that offer MQM’s as a benefit. You’ll get the biggest boost from the Delta Reserve Card from American Express. This card comes with a hefty annual fee ($450), but you’ll also get 10,000 MQM’s after your first purchase using the card. Trust me, that’s money well spent if those 10,000 MQM’s mean the difference between Medallion status or unwashed mass status. The card offers other benefits, including Crown Room Club access which can almost justify the fee.

If you can get by on fewer MQM’s, the SkyMiles Platinum Card from American Express is a good, not to mention more economical option with an annual fee of $150 dollars. With your first purchase you will receive 20,000 bonus SkyMiles, 5,000 of which are MQM’s. This is an excellent deal if your close to your next Medallion threshold. Both cards offer various mileage bonuses and benefits, the details of which you can review on the American Express website at the links provided.

There are other opportunities to pad your MQM balance from time to time. Delta is currently running a double MQM promotion on its northeast shuttle routes. Registration is required, and you can do so by clicking here.

Delta runs similar promotions from time to time. If any readers are aware of other opportunities to increase your MQM balances aside from flying, please comment and share them with others. I hope this information is helpful in your quest for SkyMiles Medallion status.