My friend DeltaPoints already broke this news on his blog (and since I posted this, I see Fly Gracefully mentioned it too), but being me, a reported Delta sympathizer (and admitted fan of Delta Air Lines), I wanted to say a little something. Delta broke the news on FlyerTalk today that they are making an adjustment to previously announced changes to their Same Day Confirmed (SDC) policy. These changes are an improvement from what they previously announced. From Delta’s email to me:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 7.29.33 PM

This is definitely better than the previously modified policy, and the forthcoming ability to request a same day change 24 hours before departure is an actual enhancement….for real.

Hmmm. Did 9 bazillion passengers leave the airline over this? I doubt it. But maybe…just maybe…. the right amount of passengers that spend the right amount of money let Delta know that being subjected to a $200 dollar change fee was more than they could take? Who knows? I do know that this is a little better than what was previously dropped on us. Your thoughts?

-MJ, July 23, 2013