Flight Attendants at Delta Air Lines are now empowered with a new tool on their handheld devices. According to the airline, the Guest Service Tool is the newest enhancement in a long line of technology innovations, providing Delta’s more than 22,000 flight attendants key information so they can better engage with customers while in flight.

delta air lines, guest service tool, flight attendants

Image courtesy of Delta

The Guest Service Tool will offer flight attendants information ranging from customer Medallion status to whether or not the customer may have experienced a travel disruption. As the tool evolves, flight attendants also be able to proactively provide customers with the status of down-line flights and connecting gate information.

Further, beginning next month, Delta’s Flight Attendant manuals will be available via the same handheld devices. According to Delta this will save 55 tons of paper annually and reduce the airline’s carbon footprint by 1,800 metric tons annually—the equivalent of removing more than 370 passenger vehicles from the road.

I’m looking forward to seeing this in action on my next Delta flight.

Check out a video on Delta’s new Guest Service Tool here.