The Forward Cabin reported yesterday that Delta is updating its first class seats on its domestic aircraft. I haven’t seen the new seat coverings yet, but TFC provided a photo snapped by a Delta flight attendant. Photo credit to The Forward Cabin.

delta first class seat, delta first class interior update

I think it’s an attractive looking update. Even the stitching in the seat has the “widget effect.” I reached out to Delta about their plans, and they responded that “Delta has started to install updated seat covers on its domestic aircraft in the First Class cabin. The updates are scheduled to be complete in mid-2015 and will be installed as part of our ongoing commitment to product improvements.”

That means we’ll be seeing these new seat covers on other domestic aircraft as well. While I haven’t seen one of these new interiors yet, a mid-2015 completion date means we won’t be waiting long. Have you flown on an aircraft with the new seat coverings yet? What did you think? I kind of like the new interior touches with the dark blues and burgundies…..and of course, the widget.

-MJ, November 13, 2014