Delta’s rebrand of its former Economy Comfort product has caught a bit of ribbing by some. Why? It’s easy to just shorten Comfort+ to C+. 🙂 Last week, was my first opportunity to try the product since its March 1 introduction. While coach will always be coach, there are a few things that are hard to ignore. (Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines)


  • There really is extra legroom – Yes, I know this is what everyone used to get, and in a world that is fair, should get. But we are where we are.
  • I boarded late but there was a place for my bag – I know the “dedicated overhead bin space” idea has gotten some play. While I didn’t seen anyone protecting it per se, it was there when I arrived late.
  • There was a power outlet – Enough said. In fact, there were two. One USB and one regular.
  • There were complimentary libations – If you’re wanting a Sprite I don’t suppose this matters, but I wanted more, and got it. In fact, I got two!
  • Snacks – Flight was under 900 miles so no snack basket, but the pretzels were fine.

Did all that make up for yet another flight without an upgrade? No, but it was just fine for a 90 minute flight…..better than fine, actually. I wasn’t originally seated in Comfort+, but found a desirable seat at check-in. There were a few available, in fact, so it’s worth looking at the 24 hour mark. In the end, there are lots of reasons to pick on airlines, and Delta is not immune to that. However, I can’t think of a similar product offering in the main cabin of any US airline that offers the same amenities with the exception of being top tier on AA which offers a drink and a snack to all Executive Platinums seated in coach. In reality, Comfort+ represents an actual improvement in main cabin services in the domestic U.S. marketplace. Of course, Comfort+ wasn’t created to give away, it was made to sell. Will it? I suspect so.

-MJ, March 30, 2015