First Pictures of Delta Airbus a350 Appear on Social Media

Last night, Delta took delivery of the airline’s first Airbus a350.  The Airbus a350 is Delta’s new flagship aircraft and the first a350 to fly for a US-based airline.  Delta currently has 24 additional Airbus a350s on order and will take delivery of these aircraft through 2022.  The a350 brings with it new Delta ONE Suites and Premium Economy.

Delta Airbus a350 (Image: Delta Air Lines)

Delta Airbus a350 (Image: Delta Air Lines)

Though exterior images of Delta’s first Airbus a350-900 have been available for months interior pictures have been harder to come by.  Finally, with the delivery of Delta’s first a350, interior images have finally surfaced via social media.  @snypers01 on Instagram posted photos of the interior of Delta’s Airbus a350 including photos of Delta ONE, Premium Economy, and Main Cabin.

Delta Airbus a350 – First Interior Pictures – @snypers01

All images courtesy of @snypers01 on Instagram. I nor TravelUpdate have any affiliation with the photographer and all opinions in this post are mine and do not reflect that of the photographer.

Delta Airbus a350 First Impressions

First off, the interior of Delta’s Airbus a350s is beautiful.  I love the darker and deeper shades of blue and black.  Additionally, the red accent on the headrests in Premium Economy is a fantastic touch.  The cabin appears light, airy, and spacious.  However, aside from design, I have some qualms.  My biggest problem with the cabin is the lack of space.

The cabin overall does feel airy, however, the seats themselves do not.  First, Premium Economy is four across.  Though I didn’t think it would appear to be that big of an issue, the more I look at the 2-4-2 layout of the Premium Economy cabin, the less premium it looks.  Second, and more importantly, the Main Cabin looks extremely tight.  I can’t get a good read on the legroom but seat width looks awful.  Maybe it’s just the angle from which the photos were taken but the seats look very narrow.  Finally, the aisles look fairly narrow as well.

Probably the most attractive feature of the Delta Airbus a350 is the Delta ONE Suite.  Luckily, the Delta ONE Suite appears to live up to the hype.  I’d go as far to say that Delta takes the cake for the best hard product among any US-based carrier.  Not only are the Delta ONE Suites ascetically pleasing but they look functional and comfortable.


Delta has probably done more to improve the passenger experience than any other US-based airline.  The Airbus a350 is just another investment in the passenger experience and that’s evident in the modern interiors and passenger connectivity.  What you can’t see in those photos is Delta’s latest in-flight wi-fi and the power outlets or USB ports at each seat.  Though the Main Cabin appears tight, Delta’s Airbus a350 is a fantastic addition to Delta’s fleet and will make flying more enjoyable for every passenger.

What do you think of Delta’s new Airbus a350?