Delta Air Lines announced today that they have added 15 A-321 jets to their order book. These new aircraft are in addition to a previously announced A-321 order. According to the press release these aircraft “…will replace similar, less-efficient domestic aircraft that are being retired from Delta’s fleet.” We’ll see the first of these new A-321s early in 2016.

One might speculate that these aircraft will replace some of the oldest 757s that Delta operates. Some of those ex-NWA birds are getting a little long in tooth. I’m fond of the A-321, though I have to admit, they lack the “wheaties” of the 757. Seriously, I love the power of the 757 on takeoff, and apparently the airlines do too. I’ve seen airline executives lament that nothing exactly replaces the 757. While I’m sure these new aircraft will be comfortable, I think the thing I’ll miss most about the 757 is turning left upon boarding.

You can read Delta’s press release on this aircraft order here.

-MJ, June 2, 2014