Delta’s first refurbished A319 aircraft will re-join the airline’s fleet this week following an “extreme makeover.” As part of a previously announced refurbishment project, the A319s are receiving:

  • Panasonic in-flight entertainment at every seat
  • USB and 110v power outlets
  • Large pivoting overhead bins
  • New galleys and new pod-like overhead passenger service units
Delta Air Lines, Delta, A319, new interior

Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines

The refurbished A319s are configured with 12 first class, 18 Comfort Plus, and 102 main cabin seats. At a total of 132 seats, this is up 6 seats from the old configuration. The new seats are of the “slim line” variety, enabling Delta to add another row in the main cabin. I’ll withhold judgment until I actually sit in one of those seats. I do love the addition of power and inflight entertainment, but slim line or not, another row of coach is another row of coach.

According to Delta, “all 126 A320 and A319 aircraft will be retrofitted with the new interior by summer 2017. The larger of the two jets, the A320, will also receive in-flight entertainment, though not initially, through 2018.” The A320s are also having another row of First Class added back after a row was removed following the merger with NWA, giving them 16 seats in the premium cabin, but will be receiving an additional row of coach as well.

Bottom line – power, IFE, bigger overheads, and an additional row of First Class (for the A320) good, slim line coach with an additional row of seats not so good.

-MJ, July 30, 2015