Qatar Airways is well known for having excellent deals from time to time on their flights. They refer to their periodic sales as a Travel Festival and the January one has now commenced. Other sales appear from time to time and one of the best deals I have ever seen was the price for business class tickets to Auckland in a flash sale in May last year.

Deals In The January 2017 Sale

The sale is live from now through to 16 January for travel through to 15 December 2017. Some blackout dates apply. There are some fairly decent deals to be found. I have listed some that I consider to be good value from Europe and Egypt.

All of the below flights are in Business Class.

* Cairo to Hangzhou for 18,154 EGP (€965 return)
* Cairo to Guangzhou for 18,451 EGP (€981 return)
* Cairo to Chengdu for 19,603 EGP (€1,042 return)
Budapest to Hangzhou for 373,900 HUF (€1,216 return)
* Stockholm to Dubai for 12,099 SEK (€1,266 return)
* Bucharest to Phuket for €1,574 return
* Edinburgh to Bangkok for £1,359 (€1,581 return)
* Edinburgh to Kuala Lumpur for £1,359 (€1,581 return)
* Sofia to Singapore for €1,595 return
Berlin to Dubai for €1,619 return
Amsterdam to Bangkok for €1,679 return
* Cairo to Sydney for 33,601 EGP (€1,787 return)
* Berlin to Johannesburg for €1,919 return
Munich to Johannesburg for €2,009 return
Frankfurt to Johannesburg for €2,019 return
Frankfurt to Cape Town for €2,079 return

Stand out fares are marked with an asterisk, as these are ones I think are good value with Cairo to Sydney being particularly cheap. You should book immediately if you are interested as availability will be limited. Keep in mind that you may need to be flexible with your dates and sale fares are generally non-refundable.

You can access the deals by going to Qatar’s special offers page and entering the country you wish to start from. There are Economy Class deals available as well and they will show up on the page as well.

Overall Thoughts

Everyone loves a bargain and it’s especially good when the airline in question is Qatar Airways. They have an extremely well regarded Business Class product and are the only airline of the Middle East three to be in an alliance (oneworld), which maximises earning opportunities. Qatar’s Doha hub is classed as a 5 star airport by ratings agency Skytrax which means the airport experience will be excellent also. All of this makes the sale even better value as the airline is considered to be such high quality.

With thanks to the excellent UK based blog Head For Points for the heads up on this sale. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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