As I was relaxing in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge just a few gates away, I realized I had some time to spare, so I decided to check out the Plaza Premium Lounge. I was departing on a flight to Los Angeles, so I was in the part of Vancouver Airport that was just for US Departures. 

Access + Location:

The Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver (US Departures)  is located across from Gate E88. Hours of operation are from 5 am to 8 pm daily. You can access the lounge in a variety of different ways. It’s part of Priority Pass, or you can get in with AMEX Platinum or Capital One Venture X. I showed my Venture X card to gain access but you can also pay cash to enter the lounge. Playing around with random dates on the online reservation portal, I found a 2-hour visit to be about 60 CAD.


I was quickly checked in by a friendly agent, but the fun stopped there. Immediately to the right was the food area which actually had a decent selection of hot options including a chicken and beef dish. But, there was quite a bit of a line to grab the food, and the lounge felt very claustrophobic. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver

Entrance to Lounge

Immediately past the buffet, there was a fridge that offered desserts, cold cuts, and some juices. There was also a soda machine and tea/coffee maker.

a display case with food on shelves

Cold Food Selection

a coffee machine on a counter

Beverage Station

Straight forward was the bar with seating areas surrounding it to the left and the right. The lounge website advertises space for around 132 guests, and I feel like they were probably at full capacity.

Towards the right side were the bathrooms which had a long line during my visit. They also have shower rooms at an additional charge.

Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver

Cramped Seating

As I was taking my last set of pictures before I left, an employee told me to stop taking pictures. I couldn’t tell if she was joking, or if she was serious. Maybe she didn’t want me documenting how crowded it was in there. But it was totally fine as I quickly left the lounge and headed back to the Maple Leaf Lounge.

The Verdict:

In my opinion, if crowded, I would not visit the Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver (US Departures) unless you’re desperate for some hot food. The seating area is essentially one big room and feels quite cramped and I’d much prefer waiting at the gate area instead. Maybe if it wasn’t so crowded, I would have a different take.


Have you visited the Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver (US Departures) recently? How was your experience? Feel free to share below!




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