Oh Ryanair! You are Europe’s largest carrier and the one people either adore or the one they think is crap. I can overlook various niggles but charging a lot for bad food really annoys me. Let’s have a look at a recent flight of mine.

I checked in the night before for this flight meaning I could go straight through security when I arrived at the airport. Interestingly, fast track security is cheaper bought via Ryanair than direct with Dublin Airport which is very nice.

FR332 – Dublin to London Luton (DUB-LTN)
26 September 2017
Boeing 737-800 – EI-FZP
Seat: Economy Class 6A
Departure: 08:15 Arrival: 09:30

While waiting at Gate 109, we were all advised to change to Gate 104 which everyone did. Boarding commenced soon after in the usual Ryanair manner. Priority boarding first, then everyone else. You then wait at the bottom of the steps before being allowed on the aircraft.

Sky Interior

A lot of the fleet features the Boeing Sky Interior which I think looks pretty nice. The seating is designed to be low maintenance and low weight yet leg room is on par with or perhaps even greater than what British Airways offer on their European fleet.

Ryanair board through both front and rear doors and boarding passes reflect where you are to go. It makes the boarding time extremely fast though it is a bummer when it is raining as you’re outside.

Safety First

Once everyone is seated and the aircraft doors are closed it is time for the safety demonstration. Once upon a time you could not understand a word of it thanks to the heavy accents of the crew. Nowadays it’s pre-recorded which is better for everyone.

Safety information is displayed on a sticker on the back of the seat in front of you. This is done to prevent damaged or missing cards having to be replaced. Only the front rows have traditional cards.

Our cockpit crew advised we were running ahead of schedule and expected to get into the air quickly. This was no joke and we took off with almost no holding at all.

Runway Retail

Instead of a traditional inflight magazine, Runway Retail is handed out to passengers by the crew. It is chock full of things to buy and also contains the food menu.

Having skipped breakfast as a time saving measure, I decided I would have a Breakfast Burrito and a water. The crew came by and I placed my order, being told to ask for the water later as the guy was only taking hot food orders.

A Change In Choice

Regrettably there were no Breakfast Burrito’s remaining so I decided on the Pancakes. These are priced at €5 and looked nice enough in their little picture in the magazine.

Soon, the crew came by with the trolley and I ordered my water and paid for both the Pancakes and the water. The smiling crew member happily took my money and off they went.

What Is This Crap?

I really like food and I am also pretty forgiving when it comes to items on aircraft. However, when I am paying for something I expect better than this.

Everything looks fine here, doesn’t it? The box reminds me very much of the box they serve the hot chips in, which is no surprise as they come from the same company. Opening the box revealed breakfast.

Did you seriously just charge me €5.00 for nine of the tiniest pancakes you ever saw? I couldn’t believe it. This probably cost about 14 cents to make. Plus it is not filling at all. Sure, drop icing sugar on it and it’s fine but FIVE EURO? Not even some maple syrup to go on top?

Of course I ate it all – I had to get something for my money. Not a chance of me ordering those again though! Soon after everything was collected and we landed into the hell hole that is Luton Airport.

Overall Thoughts

To be fair to Ryanair they have lifted their game from days gone by and I think the food is quite okay on board. However the pancakes are a lot of money for very little substance.

My advice is to drop the price to something reflecting the quantity or add more pancakes. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if the meal wasn’t so small. Truly, the pancakes could barely be described as bite size.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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