Even as we see a vaccine on the horizon, we can in no way say that things are back to normal. As of now, we’re not even quite sure what the new normal would look like. If you plan to travel over the holidays and plan to book a trip soon, then you first need to pay heed to a slew of Covid-19 travel restrictions currently in place. After all, the last thing you’d want to do is to book a trip, only to cancel it later.

Covid-19 Travel Bans

Ever since Covid-19 started spreading worldwide, we’ve seen many economies around the world feel its impact. In response to the public health crisis, governments around the world have placed many restrictions on the movement of people. As frequent travelers, we’ve seen our world stall in front of our eyes as global travel restrictions have become the norm.

As we wait for the situation to improve, we’re all looking for that small ray of hope. A few weeks back, we saw a few countries relax restrictions, only to scale them back later. I’m estimating that we may see a lot more back and forth with regards to travel restrictions before we see things stabilize. Many governments around the world are trying to walk the tightrope by attempting to strike a balance between public health and economic health.

Global Travel Restrictions

This interactive map published by the IATA serves as a handy tool to track global travel restrictions. The map classifies countries into four categories, each coded by a different color shade:

  • Totally Restrictive
  • Partially Restrictive
  • Not Restrictive
  • Latest updates currently under review

Here’s how you can use the map. You need to simply click on a country on the map. Once you do so, you’ll see the latest travel restrictions. The list will also show you the date when the update was published.

The Pundit’s Mantra

As the year winds up, there’s a lot to think about and reflect on. It has truly been a year when we’ve seen the world turn upside down. Hopefully, the worst is behind us and better things lie ahead in 2021. I’ll surely be using this interactive tool to help plan my next trip. Even if you don’t plan to book travel right away, this interactive tool can help you definitely look at places that are currently accessible. Certain cities and countries are imposing a lot more stringent restrictions than others, which would pretty much leave them off the table for now.

Have you made any plans to travel internationally in the upcoming months? If yes, where are you heading next and when? Tell us in the comments section.


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