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Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak is already eliciting a response, with governments around the world reacting with both rigor and panic in certain cases. The global outbreak has surely sparked a discussion about the future of movement of people in the near term, given the way the disease spreads. However, if you already have travel booked with one of the major airlines, what options do you currently have? Which airlines are offering a waiver? Here’s a list of airlines and their current policies in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Alaska Airlines

Keep track of the latest updates on Alaska Airlines’ blog. It’s updated regularly and contains the latest advisories and information. From Feb 27 through March 12, the airline has already announced that it will suspend change and cancellation fees for new tickets purchased for travel up to June 1, 2020.

Delta Airlines

Delta also has a dedicated page with the relevant information. All the information depending on your flight itinerary, can be obtained here.

United Airlines

United Airlines is waiving fees on specific routes. The list of routes and applicable fare conditions can be obtained here.

American Airlines

American Airlines’ Travel Alerts page has a complete list of waivers and other options at your disposal depending on your itinerary.


With Southwest, it’s a lot easier, since the airline doesn’t charge change and cancellation fees. However, they’ve still put up a dedicated page with updates pertaining to the situation after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Singapore Airlines

Given their location, Singapore Airlines is one of the airlines most affected. Singapore Airlines has published a list of ‘affected flights’. Also, the airline has done a great job of putting out a list of travel advisories here, including fee waivers.


Emirates has a specific page where you can put in a refund request due to Coronavirus. This applies only to tickets booked on Emirates.com. The refund request page can be accessed here.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is one of the airlines that’s been hit the worst. They’ve set up a useful ‘information centre‘ with information depending on your direction and time of travel.

Air China

Air China is maintaining a page that enlists all the routes affected. The page is updated with the most recent information as well as information about change/cancellation fees and flight adjustments.


Qantas has put forth a list of restrictions, fee waivers and updates here. Remember, the Australian government places immigration restrictions on certain countries after the Coronavirus outbreak. Depending on your nationality and your direction of travel, please refer to this page for the latest updates.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has posted this useful video about precautions and measure the airline is taking. This page on their website enlists the complete list of restrictions and reductions in service.


All Lufthansa group flights to mainland Chaina have already been canceled until April 24, 2020. This page offers all the information regarding waivers, fees and restrictions.

Air France

Air France has already suspended flights to China, however it’s still keep operations partially open for Italy as of today. The full list of restrictions, waivers and fees can be found here.

Other Airlines

Here’s a list with links to webpages for a few more global airlines. If your airline isn’t in this list, then please call your carrier directly or through their website.

Air Lingus

Thai Airways

Vietnam Airlines

Japan Airlines

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Korean Airlines

British Airways

Virgin Atlantic

The Pundit’s Mantra

If you already have travel booked, then please check for any communication from your airline or hotel. There’s a good chance that they’ve already reached out to you.

Even if your initial fare conditions may be restrictive in nature, it always doesn’t hurt to call and ask. Given the current situation, most airlines will be accommodating and will waive fees if you have concerns in going ahead with your travel due to Coronavirus.

Have you been able to make cancellations or changes to your itinerary without any issue? Let us know your experience with your airline it in the comments section.


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