The Coral Executive Lounge at Bangkok airport is the first of their lounges I am able to review.

The Priority Pass selection of lounges in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport is rather extensive. There are at least 14 lounges available in the 7 International Terminals and domestic terminals A and D.

Our time in the  Coral Executive lounge was a delight after the tedium of flying in from Dallas.

It did take a while to find as Bangkok airport makes you wander through many duty fee shops on the way to your gate. 


Entrance to Coral Lounge

Entrance to Coral Lounge

The ladies who welcomed the writer when entering the Coral Lounge

The ladies who welcomed me


In Terminal A the lounge is on the left as you veer right while following the passage to gates A 2-9.

After a friendly greeting the ladies will ask you for your Priority Pass card as well as your boarding pass. On the wall behind them are clocks featuring the time in London, Bangkok, Shanghai and New York.

The lounge itself is on the smallish side, but at the time we were there (6h30-08h00) it was not very busy. There are a variety of seating options including a long high table that seats at least 10, smaller 4 seat tables and more intimate 2 seaters. 

Long table with at least 10 seats

Long table with at least 10 seats

Interesting seating arrangement with a round bench set around a tree and 6 tables pushed against the bench.

Interesting seating arrangement

Tables for 4 with a pillow that says Coral on it and the other pillow has a tree with flowers decorating it. White flowers are in the right corner

Tables for 2

Seating for 4

Seating for 4

View of the seating in the Coral Lounge

View of the lounge

We chose a quiet table at the large window which had a lovely view of a rainbow of green hedges forming a maze type garden. 

View of the outside garden from the window in the Coral Lounge. The gardens have paths between the greenery. A person is seen walking.

View of the outside garden


England instantly came to mind on seeing the quaint tea cart. Very pretty cups are available for the delicious flavors such as pomegranate, lemon and ginger, and peppermint.

My favorite is always a full Nescafe coffee station. Three different sized mugs are available for the small, medium and large drinks you can select. I of course had a very enjoyable large cappuccino. 

Drury Tea & Coffee cart

The Drury tea cart

Nescafe coffee station

Nescafe coffee station

Eating options:

I was immediately struck by the unusual aromas coming from the breakfast buffet. I saw items with a Thai connection that I was not used to such as stir fried broccoli and shrimp. That made me eager to stop by and try as many options as I could. There was cereal, toast, croissants, and a whole variety of main dishes. Omelets, chicken ham, rice, stir fried broccoli with shrimp, fruit and many other choices were available.

There is a cute little pink oven that can be used for heating croissants and things, and a light green toaster for toasting.


Pink and green toaster ovens, pastries, and dishes

The pink oven and green toaster

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

Stir-fried broccoli and shrimp bowl at the buffet

Stir-fried broccoli and shrimp bowl


The refrigerator nearby had milk, cut fruit, deserts, soda, water, fruit juice, iced tea and other choices. Sorry for not noticing if there was beer as I don’t drink it so I might have missed it.

We had a lovely meal of cereal, then rice with broccoli and shrimp, and then a croissant and some fruit. Cappuccino’s were enjoyed, as well as tea and fruit juice. It was a wonderful place to stop for an hour and a half before boarding.

One piece of advice so you don’t get caught as we were. There are x-ray machines you will pass through as soon as you leave the lounge and go through to your gate and any of the small water bottles you might have taken from the lounge will be confiscated straight away.

The Coral Executive Lounge in the domestic terminal was the perfect interlude on our way out to the islands.

This was the only lounge I was able to review while at Bangkok airport (customs and baggage issues), but there are at least 14 Priority Pass lounges available in the Domestic and International terminals. If they are anything like the Coral Executive lounge then you cannot go wrong.