Passengers with multiple flights on different airlines have a problem. It is usually not possible to issue connecting boarding passes using a standard mobile app or online check-in.

The oneworld alliance is changing that, with some progressive technology updates. They have been working on the back-end technology integration between the carriers to benefit travellers.

Connecting Boarding Passes

Many people now check-in online or on a mobile where possible. Not only is it convenient, it means you get to check-in early so you can snag the seats that you want. Obviously the pain point has been connecting flights across different airlines.

oneworld report that Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways are the first in the alliance to link up behind the scenes. This means you can use the app or web site of either carrier to issue boarding passes on connecting journeys.

Iberia is about to join these two airlines, with Finnair coming soon. This means four of the alliances airlines will offer seamless options on connecting boarding passes.

Clearly the other airlines in the alliance will follow suit. This means people will no longer need to have two, three or even four different airline apps on their phones. You’ll be able to just have the one for your main airline.

Other Developments

Connecting flight information is also being added to the technology, with Australia’s Qantas offering this information first. Some airlines already offer this between their own flights, particularly in the USA. You can see your connecting flight gate before you’ve even left on your first flight, which I think is really quite handy.

Coming soon is the ability to track your baggage and the ability to pay for seat selection and additional baggage. All of this puts the control at your fingertips and reduces the need to queue at airports to see employees.

Overall Thoughts

While aircraft technology in the aviation industry is cutting edge, the same isn’t true on the ground. Due to airline systems being used globally, they have not really progressed at the same rate as in other sectors.

Adding connecting boarding passes, flight connection information and so on all benefits the consumer. Of course, it also benefits the airline and airports, reducing queues and also, ultimately, employee costs.

What do you think? Do you like having the power in your hands or would you prefer to see a human? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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All images via oneworld alliance.