The supersonic Concorde is celebrating 50 years since it’s first flight this year. To celebrate this fact, I will be writing an article each day about this magnificent aircraft, making this Concorde week.

Concorde deserves this attention as it remains the world’s only successful supersonic airliner. Let’s dive straight in and have a look at a couple of interesting bits and pieces.

A 50th Anniversary Coin Set

For collectors of coins who also like Concorde, there is a special 50th Anniversary Coin Set on sale in the UK. There are three coins in the set and each one is a 50p coin, obviously.

These are offered by The Westminster Collection and you can see the details here. Priced at £19.99 plus postage, they come in an attractive cover and are issued in Guernsey.

Which Articles Will Appear in Concorde Week?

As a taster of the kind of articles that will come up in Concorde week, I’ll direct you to two I have already written. Singapore Airlines operated Concorde for a brief period in the late 1970s and you can click here to read an article I wrote covering that.

Another one I wrote about Concorde was about the sonic boom, and you can find it here. Hearing the sonic boom gives you a good idea as to why the aircraft was banned from supersonic flight over land! Hopefully both of these articles give you an idea of what will come up over the next week.

Concorde’s Successor?

Perhaps the closest thing to a successor to Concorde that is in the works is Boom Supersonic’s Overture project. This aims to produce an aircraft that will fly 55 passengers over 8,000km.

With funding from major international airlines, as well as production line options having been placed, if it all comes to pass we may someday be flying supersonic again. There’s a complete article about it available here.

Overall Thoughts

As an aircraft, Concorde remains a technological marvel and perhaps one of the most beautiful shapes to grace the sky. It continues to inspire people even though it is no longer flying.

Make sure you join me each day to read some more about this fascinating airliner. Are you a coin collector and are Concorde coins for you? What do you think of Boom’s Overture – will it actually fly? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Singapore Airlines Concorde via ZRH Spot on Twitter.