British Airways are giving complimentary status extensions to people affected by the recent IT issues. Reports around the web are stating that Executive Club members are receiving e-mails notifying them of this.

In case you missed it, British Airways recently experienced an IT problem which caused all systems to go down. Flights were cancelled for a couple of days causing many people to have ruined travel plans.

Complimentary Status

Executive Club members are reporting they are receiving e-mails giving them complimentary status for 2 years. The e-mail states, “… as a gesture of goodwill, we’d like to renew your current tier status for a further two years, regardless of how many Tier Points you collect in that time.”

Gold members and Silver members have reported receiving this e-mail which is very welcome. Considering how the media has lambasted British Airways for the failure, this is an excellent example of service recovery. The airlines most valuable customers will appreciate it.

But What About Everyone Else?

There is no doubt that British Airways customers have a poor impression of the airline at this time. Many changes to the service have been introduced this year and for many people the IT failure must be the last straw.

Media reports have gleefully reported on the failures, with people missing holidays, carnage at Terminal 5 at Heathrow, bags not being sent on for several days and more.

However, what about everyone who is a loyal BA flyer and was not affected by the issues? These people can also read and would have a bad impression of the brand, despite not flying on the particular days in question.

Should those people also be entitled to a status extension? I believe they should. It would give everyone an impression that BA cares for its customers. It will probably increase the likelihood of people flying with the airline. More importantly, the value of this in people passing it on via word of mouth can’t be underestimated.

Overall Thoughts

I am very impressed that BA is giving these status extensions to its loyal customers. At last, the airline is showing they listen to their customers. The fact they acknowledge the damage due to this issue is excellent. I hope the company extends it to other people but even if not it is a great example of service recovery.

Have you received an e-mail giving you complimentary status due to the issues? What do you think of this gesture by British Airways? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via British Airways.